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Blueve Kerry Blue Terriers

Preserving the Purebred Dog, A Living Treasurer

Created for a specific function, purebred dogs are a work of incomparable beauty. They have been our loyal companions, co-workers and heroes throughout the ages. They speak to human yearning for what is good and beautiful. They remind us of our history. They bring joy to our days.

But purebred dogs are so much more than museum pieces. The birth of each new generation inspires us. They are works of art that deserve at very least the same protection, support, respect and admiration. These living treasures and their breeders must be protected, allowed to flourish, give back to their human companions, and remain accessible to all.

- AKC -

Oliver Earings Pendant
AKC 2017
Chicago 2015
Groovy 04.28.19
Groovy Puppy
BBPIS Candid Icon Cheryl
Xavier Pendant Earings
Fredi 05.03.20
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